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New Vendor Experience (VX)

Redefining the vendor relationship

Servant Leadership 

No egos or vaporware, just honesty.
Want a partner that has your back? We answer to a higher calling because it's the righteous thing to do.

Collaborative Relationship

More than professional service,
we offer a partner who’s at your service.  Whatever comes, we will figure it out together.


Helping clients Innovate on their own terms
by removing limitations & delays.  We do the heavy lifting that other vendors are unable or unwilling to do.

Let us show you why

History of Growth

On a journey to mobile mastery.

A timeline of BankingON's journey from 2006 until today

Our Founders

Great leadership starts at the top.

Alexy Krasnoriadtsev heashot

Alexey Krasnoriadtsev

Co-founder and CEO

Leading mobile technology initiatives since the beginning of the mobile app revolution. He is the founder of Agile Fusion, a premier technology service provider, whose clients include Dell, Intel, Evernote, Barnes & Noble.

Carl Thong headshot

Anton Antonov

CTO –  Chief Technology Officer

As the VP of Technology at Agile Fusion for 8 years, he successfully completed 20+ enterprise-level B2C and B2B technology development and implementations. Previously,
he also worked as a senior software engineer for Dell EMC.

Carl Thong headshot

Carl Thong

Co-founder and Chairman

A serial entrepreneur for 30+ years with a successful exit of tech company.  Carl is a banking industry expert and former CEO of Dynafront, a fintech company that was a part of GE Capital. Additionally, Carl holds a masters in theology and a doctorate in leadership.

Our CEO’s Journey to Mobile Mastery

Alexey has been perfecting mobile app experiences since before the iPhone replaced the Blackberry.
Nobody in digital banking has more expertise in user-centric design or mobile app technology than BankingON’s CEO. Alexey created mobile apps for some of the world’s largest technology companies and entertainment brands. Now he has been called to offer his mobile mastery to community financial institutions modernize their infrastructure to compete with the big banks & challenger banks on user experience.

Alexey's work
before BankingON

A timeline detailing CEO Alexey's corporate historyA timeline detailing CEO Alexey's corporate history

Perfecting Digital Banking, together!

Leadership Team

Strong culture, great people.

Aimee West headshot

  Aimee West

Director of Client Engagement
Ryan Lysaght headshot

  Ryan Lysaght

 Director of Product
Artyom Devyatov headshot

Artyom Devyatov

Director of Mobile
Thomas Heatherly headshot

Thomas Heatherly

Director of Growth
Max Smirnov headshot

Max Smirnov

Director of Engineering

Stan Petrov

Director of Quality & Testing
Alain Malon headshot

Alain Malone

Project Manager
Perry Lenzi headshot

Perry Lenzi

Client Success,
Project Manager
Artyom Devyatov headshot

Alexey Matyushkin

Product Designer

Dmitry Kolomiets

Solutions Architect

Dmitry Khalezov

Senior Software Developer

Dmitry Kovpak

Head of Quality

Great Success

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